Joni has the following workshops (including Yoga Workshops) available from a 2-3 hour format (condensed overview version) to a series format of up to 8 weeks:

Dreams: How to Interpret Your Own and use them as Tools for Daily Living
Nutrition Cleansing and Elimination
Vision Board
Myth busters
Drum and Rhythm Circles
Found Sound: homemade rhythm instruments  

The following are all Yoga Workshops offered by

Heart/Chest Opening
Neck & Shoulders
Lower Back
Knees & Hips Yoga & Menstruation
Restorative Yoga & Depression Abdominals & Yoga Yoga Hip Series Yoga Morning Series Surya Namaskar (salutations to the sun)
Special Needs (injuries, how to work safely with certain special conditions)
High Blood Pressure
Developing a Home Yoga Practice
Yoga Props - how to enrich your practice
Yoga Philosophy
The Great Yoga Wall Training

When practicing the ancient art and science of Yoga, What CURES also PREVENTS.  The material presented in these workshops work, whether you are healing or want to prevent injury.  Joni has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 3 decades, and has healed her own injuries naturally (some of them considered "irreversible" by the medical profession), with the basics and therapeutics of yoga along with dietary improvements and spiritual exercises.  She will be passing on many tips and shortcuts during these workshops, including handouts with instructions, sequences and photos.

If you are interested in having Joni teach at your studio, contact her directly for availability and rates.

Healthy Lower Back: Stay or Become Healthy, Strong, and Pain-Free
Healthy Hips and Knees
Self-Massage Workshop
The Great Yoga Wall
Inversions: Yoga's Secret for Longevity and Detoxing
Vision Board Workshop
Cleansing and Elimination



Healthy Lower Back: Stay or Become Healthy, Strong, and Pain-Free

Description: 80% of the country has suffered with low back pain. If you don't want to be one of them, this workshop is for you. We'll cover what to do, what not to do, how to begin and how to work consciously in your yoga classes. Handout included. Intructor Joni Yecalsik has become an expert on this subject through a long process of healing her own back. She'll show you the short road.

Healthy Hips and Knees

Description: For people who ski, runners, or anyone with stiff or abused knees. Learn contributing factors for knee health and get back on track. We'll cover what to do, what not to do, general principles, how to begin and how to work consciously in your yoga classes. Handout included. Instructor Joni Yecalsik has become an expert on this subject while learning how to heal her own knees which had strained ligaments, chondromalacia, and torn miniscus -- all without surgery.

Self-Massage Workshop

Description: Learn release techniques for full body to keep you in optimum shape. Instructor Joni Yecalsik has been rated one of the top massage therapists in the country, was the company masseuse for the Joffrey Ballet, Madonna dancers during the Girlie Tour at Madison Square Garden, on the set of X (Spike Lee) for all of the swing dancers, and numerous other productions. You could spend top dollar for professional massages, but for similar benefits, learn these effective methods for yourself.  Joni may be contacted for an appointment for a private session.  She is back in the NYC area.

Inversions: Yoga's Secret for Longevity and Detoxing

Mr. Iyengar says, "...without inversions, it's not Yoga..."  They are the most curative and preventative poses in Yoga.  Inversions done correctly can keep you healthy and young, and will help you get the most of out of your yoga practice.  Joni spends over a half hour a day up side down and loves to get you going (or help you clean up and correct) in this direction, as it will change your life!

The Great Yoga Wall

Learn to use this adjustable, recessed, yoga wall rope system to enhance your practice. It speeds your learning curve in the poses, and ensures you the greatest benefit from the time you designate for your yoga practice.

Vision Board Workshop

How to manifest abundance in your life - financially, with relationships or any other area you want to focus on. Start saving cutouts from magazines and pictures from your files or the internet to arrange into a Vision Board (as seen in the movie, The Secret). We will include a meditation that will help you create a beautiful tool to help you stay focused and on target in your Life. July date posted soon. $25 at door, $22 paid in advance. Some supplies provided. Register ahead.

Cleansing and Elimination

Learn about proper elimination as part of your Extreme Health care plan. Ways to improve elimination, how to recognize 7 signs of healthy bowels, the right kinds of fiber, and more...

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