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Photo of Joni Yecalsik Joni has just returned from the Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers’ Convention, held in May 2010, in Portland, Oregon, with over 500 attendees, where she studied directly with Geeta, Sunita and Abhijata Iyengar, and was privileged to have had direct hands on work with Geetaji.  Her current classes reflect this fresh inspiration. 

Joni (Yecalsik) Wellness is a Jr I Intermediate Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor with special expertise in hands-on assists, yoga therapeutics, Pre-Natal, and more.  She has trained as a Doula (childbirth support), Hospice Volunteer, Nutrition Counselor, Drum Circle Facilitator, Lifestyle Coach, and has served as Massage Therapist and Yoga teacher to elite athletes and dancers.  She has been practicing and teaching yoga since 1970, in the brilliant Iyengar sytem since the late 80's.  In the mid-nineties she moved to Bellevue , Washington to apprentice with Master Yoga Instructor Aadil Palkhivala, one of Iyengar’s longtime students from India .  She continues her advanced yoga studies with Senior teachers in the Iyengar method. She is the official East Coast Trainer for The Great Yoga Wall.  See more about her under Bio

Review Chair Sirsana, or "headstand between 2 chairs," as learned in class.


Here's what some of Joni's students/clients have said about studying yoga with her:


"Studying yoga with Joni changed my whole life!" - JB, Iyengar Yoga teacher

"Joni is the best yoga teacher I've ever experienced."    KL, Yoga Student, Systems Analyst, NYC

"I have learned so many 'aha's' in my yoga practice from Joni."  TA, Kripalu Yoga teacher, Vermont

"Thank you for encouraging me.  It really means a lot to me. Until I took your class, I had not done any physical exercise or stretching for 16 years since I was injured. The first time I took your class, you said, ”Yoga is ....anti-aging...  Science even says we can change our DNA.  If we can change our DNA, what we cannot change?"  Those words inspired me.  Now I'm happy with planning the challenge to get better with Yoga. Thank you very much for your support. "  YK, Yoga Student, Medical Assistant, NYC

"I didn't think it would be possible to do ANY yoga, let alone go upside down and improve my health so drastically.  Thank you so much!"  JH, Yoga Student, NJ

"Joni showed me how to integrate yoga into my lifestyle.  Before it was a struggle.  Now I love it!"  KE,  Yoga Student, Wa

"I love the class and I really want to continue yoga for the rest of my life.  It has really helped me to relax and to improve my flexibility, which has decreased in the last few years.  I love your teaching style and your encouragement to try new poses and think positively. Thanks for all you do."  JA, Beginning Yoga Student, NJ

"I trust Joni to know what the next step is in my yoga, which has made such a difference in my life!"  JF, Yoga Student, NJ

"I would follow her anywhere!"  RS, owner, Robert Stuart Hair Salon, NYC

"After yoga classes with Joni, I don't have to take my [sleeping medication] to go to sleep!" MP, Beginning Yoga Student, NJ

"You help me with all the different parts of my life.  I am happier, less stressed, and more confident."  IP, Yoga Student, NJ

"I love taking yoga with Joni!"  IW, Yoga Student, NJ

"You helped me face my fears and change everything!  I am so grateful."  RS, CEO, [pharmaceutical supplier], NJ

"I feel taller after yoga class with Joni"  DS, Yoga Student, NJ


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Look for Joni's advice about knee injuries inYoga Journal Magazine. Iyengar news stories

Joni's New Ark studio is currently in Lincoln Park (downtown Newark), Newark, NJ.  

Yoga Class Schedule -  see calendar for weekly updates, see classes for description, details.   

Open Practice Class is for Joni's regular and/or serious Iyengar Yoga students who have or would like to have their own regular practice.  Sequence, instructions and corrections given for appropriate level.  

The Great Yoga Wall - please contact Joni if you are interested in training..

Basic Back Care, Pre-Natal, Healthy Knees, Ropes & Pranayama workshops will be scheduled in 2010.  For Self-Massage, Nutrition, Vision Board and other non-Yoga Workshops, look under "Workshops" 

Please inquire about rates for private sessions and packages.
Inquire about Private, Group, Corporate, and Retreat rates, full schedule and other details.
More general information about yoga will be posted here soon. Here is some food for thought, in the meantime.... Did you know that 10 minutes in sirsasana (headstand) is as good as or better for your heart than 30 minutes of jogging? Did you know yoga can boost your immune system, improve circulation, digestion, even your sex life, reduce stress, even out your imbalances, help relieve depression, back aches, headaches and fibromyalgia? Start with the basics....attend an Intro class for an in-depth taste of how Iyengar Yoga can enhance your life.  Speak to instructor about which class would be most appropriate for you. 

OM  n : supreme and most sacred syllable, consisting of the three Sanskrit sounds “a”*, “u”, and “m”, representing various fundamental triads and believed to be (like other sounds), the spoken essence of the universe.  It is sounded as a mantra and in affirmations and blessings (Hinduism and Buddhism).  You may feel it vibrating in your whole body.  It may be sounded out loud or silently.  Traditionally, when practicing on your own, the pitch is as low as possible, without strain.  When practicing with your yoga class, take the lead from your instructor.  Sometimes the group chants in unison, sometimes teacher first, class following/responding.

Pronunciation:  It starts from the sound of the earth, from nothing, like a low rumble (the Sanskrit “a”* is our “u”, as in fun) develops to the “oh” and ends in “mmm” fading back to nothing.  An English written transliteration would more correctly be U-O-M.

In Yoga Classes we sing Om during opening: to create a harmonic satsang, group connection, to center our energy, to bring clarity and focus to the practice, and to change (raise) our vibrational rate; during closing: to seal in and acknowledge the benefits of the yoga.

 SANSKRIT  n : an ancient classical language of India (the language of the Vedas and of Hinduism); an official language of India although it is not used in every day language.  It is known for its perfection.  We say the names of the yoga asanas (poses) in Sanskrit for invocational effect, aiding in receiving the metaphysical benefits of practicing the yoga asanas.


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