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Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

SUNRIDER: Products and Opportunity for Wellness, Health and Wealth

Computer User Relief

Description: Married to your PC?  How to relieve neck and shoulder tension, hand and wrist injuries. Learn easy exercises to do at your desk to relieve the stress of being a slave to your keyboard and mouse.

Iyengar Yoga

Which classes might be for you? Iyengar Yoga is for students of every age and fitness level. These class and workshop offerings are designed to lead you through a learning process encompassing the full scope of the postures and the depth of the subject, so you have a fulfilling longterm relationship with your yoga practice. Genuine progress in this method requires prolonged study at each level.  If attending classes in (Joni's) Yoga Studio, all props provided.  If off site, props required.

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Introductory Level

Description: An overview and sampling of a brilliant and effective style of yoga. This is a step-by-step fundamental series to get you comfortably started with the Iyengar method, no matter what level you're at athletically. Iyengar Yoga is a safe, precise, and progressive study method of Hatha Yoga, beginning with breath, release work and alignment in basic postures. Benefits include postural improvement, strength, flexibility, stress and pain reduction, general enhancement of quality of life. Recommended reference text, Yoga in Action, Preliminary Course, by Geeta Iyengar, may be purchased from instructor ($22).  Learn to be more comfortable in your body. By the end of the series, you will feel confident and excited to enter ongoing Level 1 classes.
Prerequisite: No prior experience necessary.
Props required: sticky mat, long yoga belt with buckle (or 2 short belts), 2 blocks. Props may be purchased from instructor.

Level I

Description: Ongoing practice class, with substantial focus on standing poses, basic principles of alignment and breath, inversions introduced. Become familiar with other varied categories of poses including twists, sitting, restorative, forward and backward bending/extensions.
Prerequisite: At least one series of Introductory Iyengar Yoga or permission of Instructor.
Props required: all Intro props plus 2 shoulder stand pads or 3 blankets ($55) to be purchased from Instructor first day of class

Level II

Description: Deeper study of basic postures, while developing practice of Sirsasana (Head Balance), unsupported back bends and beginning Pranayama.
Prerequisite: 6-12 months of Level 1 or permission of instructor. Understanding of fundamental alignment in standing poses is assumed.
Props required: Bring your own props.

Level III / Intermediate

Description: Vigorous, regular practice of independent inversions and backbends, among a wide repetoire of other poses. More advanced postures and seated pranayama are taught.
Prerequisite: A strong working knowledge of the Iyengar approach to the asanas, and regular home (self-directed) practice.
Props required: Bring your own props.

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Description: The yoga repertoire is vast. One aspect is very vigorous, cultivating the art of DOING. Restorative yoga draws from the more passive aspect, which cultivates the art of NOT DOING. It is especially effective for relieving stress and fatigue, restoring energy levels, and achieving deep levels of relaxation. Sequences will benefit immune, digestion, circulatory, and nervous systems. No standing poses. Note: Some Restorative Asanas are usually practiced in each Introductory level class, and a Restorative Practice is done the last week of the month.
Prerequisite: Introductory Iyengar Series or permission of instructor.
Props required: All those for Level 1, plus 2 blankets or bath towels. Optional: headwrap, eyebag, sandbags, if you have your own.


Description: Yoga is about union. Union within yourself, harmony between you and all that is within your world, union between you and your baby. This class will help you create a space that your baby feels welcome to enter physically, emotionally, and spiritually. As a Doula (labor support) and Childbirth Educator, instructor Joni Yecalsik will help you with the most important yoga poses during pregnancy. We will also cover comfort measures for pregnancy and labor, breathing techniques, relaxation, labor positions, birthing positions, questions to ask caregivers, and other topics that will increase your confidence for Birthing and Parenting by tapping in to your Inner Wisdom. Lots of information and handouts, including empowering resource lists and birthing video loans, in a supportive atmosphere surrounded by other goddesses.
Prerequisite: Mixed level class. No prior experience necessary.
Props usually required: sticky mat, belt(s), 2 identical pillows, blanket or towel. Optional: whatever other yoga props you have, including bolsters, shoulder stand pads, extra blankets.

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Open Practice

Description: Form satsang, a committed group of like-minded/hearted students of yoga for support during  your practice.  For experienced students who have a home practice, or serious students who would like to start one.  Informal practice sessions of what you've learned in class with little or no instruction. Follow a led practice or do your own thing.   Sequences can be prepared for you with advance notice.
Prerequisite: For Levels 1 and up, currently enrolled students, past students, or by permission of instructor.
Props required: Note: Hub of Light, my home studio, is a fully equipped Iyengar studio.  All props provided at this location.  Bring your own if off site.  Some additional props provided if reserved ahead.  Price varies.

Therapeutic Yoga

Description: Specific Yoga Poses and Sequences, with refined emphases for desired results such as pain relief,  recuperation from trauma, or regulating blood pressure. One of our rules is to focus on aligning and releasing before attempting strengthening. (Why would you want to strengthen a mal-aligned joint?) Call for private appointment., or request a group session.
Prerequisite: Desire to grow, ability to focus, willingness to take responsibility for your own health and well being. Mixed level class. No prior experience necessary.
Props required: Varied.


Description: "Breathing Awareness" is practiced in each class, and especially during Restorative Poses, in the Intro and Level 1 classes. Official Pranayama - specific breathing techniques, are introduced in Level 2.
Prerequisite: Level 2 background, including basic backbend practice.
Props required: Level 2 props, plus 2 blankets.

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Family Yoga

Description: Have fun exploring yoga as a family in this lighthearted class for parents and children over 5, using your imagination, body and spirit.
Prerequisite: Willingness to laugh and have fun; all levels welcome, no experience necessary.
Props Required: Bring any yoga props you may have (belts, blocks, etc.) plus a blanket

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is based on the belief that true healing takes place from the inside out. A one-on-one PRYT session combines the ancient science of yoga with elements of contemporary mind/body psychology. It facilitates accessing the answers you already have within.

No previous experience with yoga is necessary to benefit. Most sessions are quite profound, often attaining understanding (or at least glimpses) of the spiritual root of healing of all aspects: emotional, physical and mental.
Wear comfortable clothing. See PRYT Website for more detailed description.

Joni trained as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist on the east coast with Michael Lee. She became a mentor and program assistant, and then as a program trainer led parts of the trainings which took place in Massachusetts and NYC.  She is seeking local practitioners to give sessions in her new space.

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Yoga Studio Location

Joni Wellness Hub of Light home studio has relocated to Lincoln Park, Newark, NJ 07102
She is also teaching classes and workshops at Jajo Gallery, Newark, NJ
Branchbrook Park, Newark, NJ
Edgewater, NJ
Fort Lee, NJ
Yoga Union, NY, NY

Yoga Class Schedule - Fall 2008

see calendar for weekly updates, see classes for descriptions (above), details, cost, locations.   

Mondays  7 weeks  Sept 29th through Nov 10th (filling in for regular teacher) 10-11:30 am Backcare Yoga Class, mixed level, at Yoga Union,  32 W 28th Street (between 6th Ave/ Broadway.  5 and 10 class cards available.  single class $20. No reservations necessary.

Tuesdays  4:30-5:45 PM Iyengar  Can Do Fitness City Place at The Promenade, River Road at Gorge Road, Edgewater, NJ (201) 313-3300 map General level  10-class card $175 for non-members.  Note this is not a yoga studio, but a gym. $20 day pass.  No reservations necessary.

Tuesdays  7 weeks Sept 9 through Oct 21, 7:45 - 9:15 PM GENTLE / Restorative Yoga, 39 Lincoln Park, Newark, NJ 07102.  Advance registration necessary.

Tuesdays and Thursdays in Newark starting Sept 9th:
Early Morning   6:30 - 8:00 am
Lunchtime         12:00 - 1:30 pm
Evening              6:00 - 7:30 pm
*Beginning Fundamentals for a Safe Yoga Practice for anyone new to Iyengar Yoga, with or without previous yoga experience.  39 Lincoln Park, Newark, NJ 07102  see below for full course and registration information.

*Yoga for Beginners in the Iyengar method, regardless of previous Yoga Experience. Precise Instruction with Expert Hands-On Assists in a small group setting to give you a deep understanding of the Fundamental Principles of this brilliant method. This is a pre-requisite for Joni's other classes and groups.

Wednesdays  through Sept 17th, 2008. 7:00-8:15 PM Can Do Fitness  No reservations necessary.

Wednesdays  13 weeks starting Sept 24 - Dec 17, 2008, 7:00 - 8:30 PM Open Class @ Jajo Gallery, 77 Orange Street (between Broad/University), Newark, NJ 07102.  $ 120 for  13 weeks, $12 drop in.  No reservations necessary.

Thursdays  7:30-8:45 PM Can Do Fitness  No reservations necessary.

Fridays  9:45 - 11:00 AM Can Do Fitness  No reservations necessary.

Fridays  12:00 - 2:00 pm Intermediate Level, Yoga Union, NYC  No reservations necessary.

Saturdays  9:00 - 10:00  FREE Open Yoga Class in Branch Brook Park at Visitor Center (map), Newark, NJ mixed level.  bring your own mat and props if you have them.  No reservations necessary.

Sundays  6 - 7:30 PM on 4 Sundays: Oct 5, 19, Nov 2, 16, Special Yoga Workshops, details and prices to be confirmed.  Jajo Gallery, 77 Orange St, Newark, NJ 07102. $75 series, $22 drop in.  Advanced registration recommended, but not necessary.

other Series and Workshops planned soon.

Open Practice Class is for Joni's regular and/or serious Iyengar Yoga students who have or would like to have their own regular practice.  Sequence, instructions and corrections given for appropriate level.  Outdoor Summer Practice (this year in Branch Brook Park - see Saturdays) - check calendar feature.  Advanced registration recommended, but not necessary.

The Great Yoga Wall - please contact Joni if you are interested in training - dates are being organized for Fall/Winter 2007.Basic Back Care, Pre-Natal, Healthy Knees workshops will be scheduled for Fall 2007.  For Self-Massage, Nutrition, Vision Board and other non-Yoga Workshops, look under "Workshops" To register, send checks made out to Joniwellness, 81 Liberty Place, Weehawken, NJ 07086.  Paypal arrangement may be made.

Basic Back Care, Pre-Natal, Healthy Knees workshops will be scheduled in 2009.  For Self-Massage, Nutrition, Vision Board and other non-Yoga Workshops, look under "Workshops" 

Study Group  "Yoga in Action: Preliminary Course" by Geeta Iyengar is the recommended study text (purchase from instructor) as well as Light on the Yoga Sutras by B.K.S. Iyengar (or any other Sutra translation). We will meet  in Newark for potluck, Iyengar Yoga videos, demonstrations, philosophy discussion, and inspiration. 


Level I-II mixed level class -

Ongoing strong Level I-II work, in a supportive yet challenging atmosphere. See definitions for both Levels.  This may be re-instituted in 2009.

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Workshops are offered in corporate settings, yoga studios, schools, staff retreats, and more. 

Please contact us to set up any of the following:  

Workshops available in a 2-3 hour format (condensed overview version) to series of up to 8 weeks:

Dreams: How to Interpret Your Own and use them as Tools for Daily Living
Cleansing & Elimination
Rhythm Pabulum (currently offering informal fun rhythm circles for minimal charge)

The following are all Yoga Workshops offered by

Heart/Chest Opening
Neck & Shoulders
Lower Back
Knees & Hips Yoga & Menstruation
Restorative Yoga & Depression
Abdominals & Yoga Yoga
Hip Series Yoga 
Morning Series Surya Namaskar (salutations to the sun)
Special Needs (injuries, how to work safely with certain special conditions)
High Blood Pressure
Developing a Home Yoga Practice
Yoga Props - how to enrich your practice
Yoga Philosophy
The Great Yoga Wall Training

In addition, Rhythm Pabulum, informal fun rhythm circles (see drumming for details)

When practicing the ancient art and science of Yoga, What CURES also PREVENTS.  The material presented in these workshops work, whether you are healing or want to prevent injury.  Joni has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 3 decades, and has healed her own injuries naturally (some of them considered "irreversible" by the medical profession), with the basics and therapeutics of yoga along with dietary improvements and spiritual exercises.  She will be passing on many tips and shortcuts during these workshops, including handouts with instructions, sequences and photos.

If you are interested in having Joni teach at your studio, contact her directly for availability and rates.

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SUNRIDER: Products and Opportunity for Wellness, Health and Wealth    

to open a Sunrider account or see more about Sunrider - the company, products, opportunity,see Joni's Sunrider Website
to schedule a one-one meeting, contact Joni:
cell (201) 207-4448

Phone Conference Call schedule (more details posted here soon):
Monthly Monday evenings 8:30-9:30 PM with Aadil Palkhivala
Every Tuesday 8:30-9 PM 1-3 Business Training,
last Tuesday of month Dr. Talk - Product Info by subscription - ask about details    Sunrider blog

Eddie Bauer Campus - On site Yoga classes for employees

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